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Discover Greece with Colombo Travel

Welcome to the Cyber presense of the Colombo Travel Agency.

The office was established at Athens Greece in early 1970 by the founder Mr. Constantine A. Couloumbis as a small pesonal operated business servicing incoming tourism from USA, ARGENTINA, MEXICO, CHILE, SPAIN and ISREAL to Greece.

Caterina C. Couloumbis, daughter of the founder along with Mr. Constantine Karageorgopoulos - Caterina's husband, continue and expand the history of Colombo Travel by maintaining  quality and personal service on times where mass production and lower costs result in less good services.

Alexandros C. Couloumbis, son of Mr. Constantine A. Couloumbis and Caterina's brother works in new technologies and assists in the IT sector of the Colombo Travel

Constantine C. Couloumbis and his wife Fofo continue to work at the agency on a daily basis offering services that give a classic value to Colombo Travel.

Finally, the third new generation is getting ready to come aboard to Colombo Travel maintaining the value of quality and personal services on a family operated Travel Agency

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